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The Book

Pearls of Wisdom is a great read about eight incredible women from various backgrounds who overcome numerous challenges.  You will laugh, cry and celebrate as you connect with their experiences.  The book concludes with a financial lifestyle journal and seven pearls of wisdom to set you on course for your own financial freedom!

Also available at Socialight Society Bookstore in the Lansing Mall (MI)
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Crystal has over 20 years of professional financial and accounting experience including managing budgets as high as 2.5 billion dollars!

She believes that if you can change your mindset you can change your money. She is a Certified Change Master with the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison.  She is also a Certified Financial Education Instructor with the National Financial Education Council.

Crystal supports community and causes that resonate with her passions.  She is married to Edward A. Thomas, they have two children, both married and five grandchildren.

3 Tips For Financial Freedom

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SUPERSIZE Your Income!

ABOUT The Brand

Crystal Lynn Thomas is a fun, creative and effective personal brand.  She inspires change through practical tools that move her followers to realize their dreams and achieve their financial lifestyle goals.

Crystal is also the founder and CEO of "Born to Prosper" a financial education organization  to teach financial wellness.  Her mini workshops "Supersize my Income", "Debt Free Me" and Balling Out on A Budget" are fun, simple and designed for success!

"Beloved I pray for good fortune in everything you do, and for your good health--that your everyday affairs prosper, as well as your soul."

                                                          3 John 1:2 

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5 Ways To Acquire Wealth

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